Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate

The card in this packet measures 13cm x 13cm and is printed on white linen effect card.
Bunny Brew
I make Easter Bunny hot chocolate packs every year and they always go down well!
Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate
I try and come up with slightly different packaging,  so this year I’ve used a bunny from a digi set called Wee Bunnies Easter (ATWH4060CU) from Scappindoodles  which only cost $1 to download. (they have a minimum download, so you may have to order a couple of sets, like I did.)
To the packet I’ve added a sachet of Cadbury hot chocolate, a chocolate lolly as a stirrer, some mini marshmallows and three chocolate chicks.  I think M & S are doing bunny shaped biscuits which could be added instead of the chicks to prevent chocolate overload!