Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cath Kidston Keepsake House – Part One

Cath Kidston Keepsake House 6
Last year I finally made an Advent Calendar using a wooden house bought from Tesco in the run up to Christmas 2009, they were priced at the silly price of £5 each and trying to track one down was the constant buzz in the forums. 
I set my sister a mission to look for mine and she was nothing but tenacious in her quest, in the end it paid off as she sent an assistant in one branch to look round the back, “just in case”, and when he came back she stockpiled and bought all that he had!  I am glad she did because I later heard that they would  no longer be available as the company that made them had gone bust. So after I gave a couple away I still have a couple to do up.
Cath Kidston Keepsake House 1 Cath Kidston Gift Wrap
I’d spray painted one in cream very early on in the year, but hadn’t done anything more with it, then at the weekend I found a sheet of Cath Kidston double sided gift wrap I bought about two years ago and had forgotten all about as it was rolled up under a pile of other rolled up papers and it got me thinking. The paper was really thick and substantial (unlike a lot of gift wrap)  and I wondered if I could make a little keepsake house for bits and pieces.
Cath Kidston Keepsake House
Making templates for the various parts of the house first so that no paper was wasted, I tentively papered the first side, thinking that if it went wrinkly I would abandon the project  but it went on beautifully and  I was away….
andys nokia 088
And this is as far as I have got …. I’ve run out of Ronseal quick drying varnish until I can get to the shops next weekend,  which is probably good thing  as I now need to think about how far I am going to go to embellish it …… I think less is more ….. but it does need something else, any ideas?