Sunday, 27 November 2016

Retro 60’s 70s Genie Bottle Charity Shop Finds

retro 60's 70s genie bottlesI seem to have started a bit of a collection of 60s/70s genie bottles. It started when I was looking for bits and pieces for my bathroom (before I finally decided to go with decanters). I found the amber one first for £1.99 and then the other three followed in very quick succession, at equally wonderful prices.
genie bottle collectionAt the moment the shelf looks a little sparse, but perhaps one day it could look like the one above, however, that would mean an awful lot of very fortuitous finds, so far I have paid no more than £3 for any of them, but I have seen the prices they go for on e-bay, and I certainly can’t afford to pay that sort of money.
60s 70s Genie Bottle.60s 70s genie bottle
Finding a bottle with the top intact is also a bit of a find.
60s 70s Retro Genie BottleIMG_9065
Green and amber seem to be the most common colours, it’s the blue, red and purple ones that seem to command the highest, and so, out of reach prices. For me though, it’s the fun of the find, so I just need to be patient and keep my eyes peeled and when I have a bit more time I intend to do some more research to find out more about them, shapes, patterns etc.
Next Genie BottleThe funny thing is that almost as soon as my interest started I noticed this modern version on sale in Next, perhaps genie bottles are the next decor trend, I must ask Marc!