Monday, 10 March 2014

My New Bathroom and “Bespoke” Bath Panel!!

Well, the past two weeks at chez moi have been a hive on industry, with the work on my bathroom, after months of planning finally started and now completed, and if I say so myself, it looks beautiful!
bespoke bath panel 1Picture51
I’ll be honest my part in the proceedings were almost nil, except for the bath panel, which you’ll remember from previous posts -  and  then buying all the little “incidental” bits and pieces to go with it, plus, more importantly making limitless cups of tea for the wonderful Ade who did all of the hard graft.
Picture48bespoke bath panel
As you know, originally I dreamed of a boudoir bathroom to match my bedroom, all frou frou, and girly, but in the end, with my choice of stainless steel border tiles,  it all became very simple and streamlined ….
….. and less is more. My bejewelled mirror looked totally out of place and is now looking for a new home, and all the random coloured candle and tealight holders that I wanted to give the room an eclectic style have also fallen by the wayside……
…… to be replaced by just a few plain pieces.
And the bath panel?  Well I think it looks wonderful, an acquired taste perhaps, but a total one off,  covered using papers from my very favourite 12” x 12” My Mind’s Eye, Stella and Rose 180 page paper pad.
Picture56bespoke bath panel 3
The panel is the main splash of colour in the room, and so I picked out certain colours from it with which to match my towels and bath mats i.e dusty blue and aubergine, sage green, a pastel yellow.
bespoke bath panel 2
All in all I think I have gone from a boudoir to boutique bathroom!!!  The only original idea I still have left is for a cluster of the patchwork pictures on the wall nearest the loo, which I started using the same papers on the bath panel and Poundland picture frames, which are a perfect match to my new mirror, but I am not sure.
Perhaps I need to live with the room as it is for a while before starting to consider cluttering up its clean lines!