Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tag Party Invitations

A friend asked me about quick easy party invitations, a bit shabby chic, using perhaps a tag and to meet a tight budget …… and these are what I came up with.
Tag party InvitationsI cut a strip of printed card stock 9ins by 3ins and then creased it in the middle
Tag party Invitations. 2Tag party Invitations. 1
Doubling the invitation up,  I then cut the corners to make the tag shape and punched holes for the ribbon, so they were the same on both sides.  I also suggested that she added the party details on another strip of paper stuck inside the tag, either by hand, which would be easier or on computer which would take a little extra fiddle farting to get it to fit on the paper. All that was needed then was a length of ribbon and a few embellishments if needed ….. nothing to them really.
I did several mock up examples for her, but once she’d got the basic template she could go anywhere with the rest of the design with regards to papers, theme and embellishment.