Sunday, 29 November 2009

Tesco Advent Calendar House

How brilliant is this?  It’s The Tesco Advent House. I had read about them on a thread in Scrappers but they are a devil to find, but thanks to my sister’s shopping tenacity she was able to locate a couple for me.
Picture 329
They only cost £5 and are made from wood/MDF, unbelievable value.  My plan is to alter mine like the ones I have seen on UKS, but obviously with the start of Advent only two days away, it’s not going to be ready for this year.  I think it might turn into a labour of love, which I hope to start over Christmas when I am home for two weeks.
Picture 330
The first thing I am going to do is repaint it in a cream colour, that will probably send me scatty, especially when it comes to the 24 little boxes, but they say preparation is everything.
Picture 331
The next step will be to cover the front of each drawer, I am thinking a vintage/worn red, sage green, and cream – hopefully I will be able to find some lovely papers in the sales, perhaps K & Co or Basic Grey …. any way I shall post each stage as I get to it.
If you would like to see other peoples Advent houses click on the link below which is a UKScrappers Thread dedicated to Advent Houses