Monday, 23 July 2012

Jewelled Photo Frame

I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night, so rather than waste my time and energy tossing and turning I decided to put my restlessness to good use ……
jewelled photo picture frame…. to put together this less is more, what do you mean bling? …. jewel encrusted photo frame!002It started with these large flat backed flowers that I have have forever and which really do need to be used up……
Poundshop picture frame….. and an 8” x 6” Poundshop picture frame(£1!!!).
jewelled photo frame.I smothered the frame with a copious amount of PVA glue and placed the large gem flowers first ….
Jewelled photo picture frame.
…and then slowly filled the gaps with all the other flat backed bling I have collected or been given over the years .
Jewelled picture photo frame made
The gaps became smaller and smaller, as did the gems to fill them with …. until I became quite cross eyed!  I will now carefully wrap the frame in tissue paper to keep until Christmas, as I know just the right person to give it too! And I have another idea ….. for another sleepless night!