Thursday, 1 December 2016

Snowman Picture Frame Decoration.

I wanted a couple of different style Christmas decorations to adorn my festive shelves this year, my first proper Christmas in Evesham……
Framed Snowman Picture Christmas Shelf Decoration…… and when I saw this teal coloured, plastic picture frame (24.5cms x 9.5cms)  in Home Bargains for just 99p I knew exactly what I was going to do.
I took the glass out and made a very simple, snowy background using spotty red paper to make a snowy sky and plain, white paper for the snow.
snowman picture frameI found out this wooden snowman with felt embellishment that I bought a couple of years ago in The Range Christmas sale, for just 25p. He measures 11cms by approximately 7.5cms at his widest, the perfect size and proportion for the frame.
All I had to do then was glue the snowman in the middle of the frame with PVA glue. The snowman is about 3mm deep so he stands everso slightly proud of the background, which adds a little extra dimension.
It’s tempting to add a just a touch of iridescent, fine, white glitter to the snow, so far I have resisted, I quite like the plain effect, however I think, in the end I will give in to the lure of the sparkle!