Monday, 8 July 2019

Fiddle Farting At The Towers ........

Can you believe I have been in Evesham for 3 years now? After initially having quite a lot of work done, mostly in the guise of built in cupboards, drawers and shelving in the two bedrooms I have always had the sort of feeling that there were still a few bits and pieces that needed fiddle farting with but not sure what.

Originally I had all the walls painted in "Natural Calico" (not as yellow as "Magnolia"), but recently I have been craving a little more colour, something I am not that confident with, but finally I took the bull by the horns, though I loathe painting with a passion, starting with in the guest room ......... 
....... nothing major, just a feature wall in Johnsons Caribbean Tide (B & M Bargains), however I can't believe the difference it has made and am sooooooo chuffed.

It all started with my ordering the yellow embroidered/mirrored cushion covers from Amazon (India), I had searched high and low for something "yellow" but to no avail, and OMG the price of anything remotely similar from hippy style shops was stupid ...... I can't afford £15+ for a single cushion cover!
So can you believe that these five covers cost me just £13.60 with free P & P as long as I didn't mind waiting four weeks or so for them to come.  At just £2.72 each, they were a no brainer! Guessing the colour was a bit of a risk, but when they finally arrived they were perfect.  I also have two spare, but they may posssibly go on my own bed (as I have plans for that room too) or I can simply put them on e-bay, which could also part pay for the other three too! 

I had already moved the beaded Moroccan style lamps that I have always had in the room into the lounge where they look much more at home after Marc and I spent an afternoon adding yet more coloured beads to the shades.  I then got out the silver stick lamps bases (Argos) I have put away for Christmas and added new yellow/mustard shades, again from B & M Bargains, for just £2.49 each.  I wasn't 100% about the colour, but again they worked out well. 

I have also had a rejig of some of the things on the shelves, like swapping the trio of red vintage children's suitcases for a lighter patterned set from The Works (which I already had) and the dark green glass fishing floats for a Poundland rabbits (although they too might get replaced in time). The two sets of tea light holders either side of the shelf unit will also be for the chop in time, which means I can have fun looking for a few more yellow or turquoise bits when I am on holiday and charity shop shopping to help further brighten up the room.

While I was at it I also made a couple of jewelled mirrors to put on one of the side walls, but more of them tomorrow .........

It is all a bit on the feminine side I admit, but the chances of me ever having a big, burly gentleman guest to put up, I am afraid, have long since passed !!!!!!