Monday, 16 March 2015

Ikea Pencil Coasters

I know I am terrible, but I just cannot resist taking the odd handful (or two) of those small pencils they have everywhere in Ikea! But what on earth do I do with them when I get them home? There are only so many pencils you can write/draw with!!!
So I challenged myself, and came up with these coasters!!!
I am under no illusions that they will very last long, they are just a bit of fun.  I simply glued them together using a cement type glue, perhaps if I did them again I would use E6000, which I think would make them stronger.
I suppose a couple of coats of varnish would also strengthen them and make them more wipable …….
……. and they can be used either side up either showing the plain or printed side.
I am now thinking, that they might also look quite good stuck round a desk pencil pot (dare I return to Ikea?) ….. however a set of short Poundshop coloured pencils could look equally as good ……. hmmmmmm

Just found out someone has already had that idea!!