Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Objects of Desire In Witney

Shortly before we went into meltdown Lu and I decided to have a day enjoying the pleasures of Witney ...........
........ which included having a mooch round one of our very favourite shops there, The Old Pill Factory -
I didn’t make any considered purchases, but Lu managed to find a small, cut class ice bucket, something she’s been looking for, for at least 18 months, to go on her cocktail themed shelf in her kitchen, sorry no picture, doh, but it was perfect. However, although my money was safe on this rare occasion, I wouldn't be me without leaving with a few objects of desire and creative ideas. 
As you know I love a bit of religious kitsch, needless to say, I made a bee line for this statue of Mary, who looks a bit Lourdes-y to me. A fiver and I might have been tempted, but £25, I don’t think so, however, I really should know bu now that religious kitsch just aint going cheap these days!
I also LOVE a chandelier, this was so dainty with it’s pale, olive green droplets and naturalistic gold frame, beautiful, but way out of my price range, even if I had anywhere to put it!
I took the picture above initially to save the idea and then I noticed the price tag, but after a bit of research large, glass jars are again a lot more expensive than I had first appreciated.
At first sight this little box appeared to be decorated with wooden pieces …….
…… but on closer inspection it was covered with small squares of text, possibly from an old, faded book and then varnished.  I loved the affect and it’s definitely an idea I am going to try, especially if this blooming lockdown goes on for much longer.  I might try it on something fairly small first and then see how I go. 
And finally, a very looooooooong felt want!  When I was planning my move to Evesham I always imagined living in one of its many terrace houses, never a flat and one of the first things that was going to be on my shopping list was a vintage style shed, just like this, for the garden, that I could carpet, hang some retro curtains, furnish with Lloyd loom chairs, have shelves full of curios and old fashioned plant pots on the veranda ……… seeing this was like a dagger through my heart ……….. but never, say never!