Friday, 29 May 2015

Jaunty Dinosaur Cards

This card measures 8.5 ins x 3ins and is made using a white linen effect, hand cut card blank.
Oh my life,  I’ve gone long and thin, quite a departure from my usual square cards! But, there’s method in my madness, mostly connected to my need to downsize….. i.e. I have a pile of narrow envelopes and cello bags to use up!!!
The basic design, to be honest, is the same as the jaunty square cards I featured a while ago, using monster stickers from Paperchase (every single one now used up!), plus “grrrr” and “rawr” strips made using The Duke’s trusty, battered and very ancient Dymo label maker.  He was always a little reluctant to let me use it when he was here, but now I think he would be pleased that’s it’s still being used!! 
It’s now three years since The Duke died, can you believe it?  But every time I use it, it’s a connection, I know it’s “sad”, but I always think of his fingerprints still being on it, which in a way is comforting.
Top Tip – if you are ever in Wolverhampton pop into Beatties/House of Fraser Paperchase Dept., as they often have “old” packs of stickers marked down by at least half price if not more.