Thursday, 30 August 2012

Therapy – My Decopatch Coffee Table

Decopatch Table
When we had to remove The Dukes marine fish tank it was heart breaking, but there was no way that Lucy and I could maintain it and if anything had happened to the fish we would never have been able to forgive ourselves.  In the end we managed to contact two lovely gentlemen from a local aquarist society who not only very kindly found new homes for our fish, but also completely dismantled the tank and all its gubbings for which I will never be able say “thank you” enough.
Ikea Lack Table
Anyway ….. with the tank gone, the room looked tired and empty and Lucy and I decided that it needed a completely new look ….. so guess what …. I decided to Decopatch (!!!!!)  one of our Ikea “Lack” coffee tables …… to create the colour palette for our new “girlie lounge”
Ikea Lack Table_
….. and because I am incapable of choosing just a couple of Decopatch papers , I ended up using all the designs I had …… and you will no doubt realise that it also matches the table in my utility room that I had already done ….. no imagination me!!!!   Once covered I applied about six coats of Ronseal Quick Drying Varnish to withstand the rigours of our coffee mugs etc.
Decopatch Ikea Lack Side Table
When the table was finished Lucy pointed out that as we had two Ikea “Lack” tables, rather than go for the Decopatch overkill look, we could mix and match them depending on our mood – Decopatch top with plain legs …….
Ikea Lack Side Table Decopatch
……. or plain top with Decopatch legs …..
The rest of the lounge is a work in progress with much gratitude to my very talented brother Andrew, but when it’s all finished I will post some more pictures so that you can see the finished results!