Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine/Christmas Heart Decoration.

glittered heart valentines Christmas decoration
I have had these thick, die cut Kraft hearts for ages, but  I am sorry I don’t have a clue where I originally got them from. I’ve always had an idea what I wanted to with them, but never actually got round to it, until now…..
They heart measure very approximately 12cms x 12cms. I started off by colouring both sides with a Ruby shade of Promarker, so that if it twizzled as it hung, it would look ok from both sides.
Picture7glittered heart valentines Christmas decoration 1
Next I stuck on a 12mm flat back pearl on each of the curly parts of the heart, and then covered it with a liberal layer of  dusty red micro glitter, before adding the ribbon hanger and bow.  Nothing to it really.  I’ve made four in all and they will now be put away until Christmas to give instead of a card to a  few special friends.