Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A Wonderful Bag Of Treasures

I’ve been working on Bertie’s pirate mirror, it’s taking me a lot longer than I anticipated but hopefully now he should get it for Christmas …… sneaky, tantalising pic below.
Pirate Mirror ..
I had a real good run on it a couple of weeks ago and thought I was almost done until I started to run old pearl and chain necklaces between the large gems and round the gold doubloons.  I loved the effect but then realised I didn’t have enough to finish and so needed to go hunt the charity shops for more, the mirror was then sadly returned to the cupboard.
I found a couple of suitable necklaces in the YMCA shop in Cheltenham and mentioned what I wanted them for to the lady who was serving me when she said she had a big bag of bits in the back if I was interested.  I gave a tentative yes, but when she bought it out and said that she would normally sell each piece for about £2.99 I thought I really couldn’t afford to make an offer ……
…… but when she asked me if £5 for the lot would be OK, well, it would have looked rude not to snatch her hand off.  Poor Lu went pale as I paid my money and she put the humoungously heavy bag of swag in her backpack.
It now needs a very careful going through, some bits I will use, Marc will probably be on the receiving end of a lot of the beads and other bits will probably find themselves back to another charity shop.  Treasures like this don’t happen my way very often so I was like a kid at Christmas as I looked through all the goodies within ……. and yes ……. give me a free weekend and Bertie mirror will finally be finished and posted.