Monday, 15 July 2019

Heads Up - The Works - Wooden Counters

I found these wooden counters in The Works (6 in a pack for £1) and I immediately thought "Christmas", well, it's never too early.
This little angel is just a very basic experiment to see if using felt pens on the face would bleed into the wood . The result wasn't too bad, however, I have some nail art pens which dry like enamel which may work even better.
Anyway, I think this prototype worked out pretty well, and I am now thinking ...... a nativity scene, with just Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on a base using lolly sticks or perhaps inside a drawer from a matchbox made using my Stampin'Up die. Anyway, first job is to nip back to The Works to make sure they still have some in the shop (or on line) as I have been caught out before when I have suddenly realised the potential of a product, only to find that they are no longer available.