Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Charity Shop Find ............ Yet Another Beaded Lightshade!

I really do need saving from myself, I just cannot resist a “chandelier” or any other type of lamp/lightshade that is made up of clear or coloured beads ….. and at just 80p for this pink one, what’s a girl who can’t walk passed anything that is sparkly to do?
I have an inkling of an idea, but it will have to wait until the school summer holidays when I will have a couple of weeks all to myself, but I am thinking that I could swop the clear chains of beads on the light fitting in my spare bedroom, for the pink (???).  I am pretty sure it will work, especially as “sometimes” the clear beads shout out at me to do something with them to bring the light even more together. We shall see…..

Marc and I also spent an afternoon while he was staying with me before Easter re-jigging the pair of Morrocan style lamps (from The Range) that I had  already had a good play with. I am now thinking that some of the purple and amber beads could be replaced with a few of the pink (????) to lighten it just a little more.

And then ........ after talking to Marc I also have plans to the light fitting (The Range) in my newly refurbished shower room ......
........ so watch this space!