Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Most Precious Valentine Card In The The World

Picture 001
Picture 005
Special Guest Card Maker this Valentines Day is my brother who made this card for my mum at his Special Needs Centre – no card I, (or anyone else could make) could be more precious or beautiful.

The Art of Fiddle Fart At It’s Finest – New House Card!

Picture 025
I surpassed myself today fiddle farting!
The houses are made using a small house punch (I think it came from Hobbycrafts) – but it wasn’t enough for me to just stick them onto a blank card, no, I had to doodle the details on each one using a very fine liner pen  and then colour them in very roughly with pale colours from my Whispers pen set!
house punchHouses 
….. this was after I stuck a small panel of card behind each house so I could have a door to colour in as well!
House background
I also made the back panel using two strips of textured  paper.
Picture 030
To finish the card I added a few clouds in the sky using a white gel pen and a fence, using a black fine liner pen.

Nothing Much In The Shops

I had a quick whizz around yesterday but all I got was three packs of A4 envelopes (10 in a pack for £1) from a stall on Penkridge Market (Staffs) for my mate Lisa.
I wouldn’t know where to start making a card that big!