Saturday, 26 May 2012

Elizabeth Shaw Mints Meet Angry Birds!

Elizabeth Shaw Mints Angry Bird Favour
Do you remember when I found a blog written by Debbie Naylor that blew me away …. especially with her very simple instructions for making the red Angry Bird.
Angry Bird Elizabeth Shaw Mint Favour.
Well, Debbie’s  idea spurred me on transferring the idea  to using with Elizabeth Shaw mints.
Angry Bird Chocolate Favor
So I gathered my various punches to adapt the idea …… as I didn’t have all of the same ones as Debbie, but the basic circle shape is made with a Stampin’Up 1 3/4 punch.
Angrey Bird Chocolate Favour.
and started to punch, stick and put them together.
Chocolate Favour Angry Bird
This is when I started to doubt the end result…!
Favours Angrey Bird Elizabeth Shaw Mint
Here they reminded me of mad fish! (now there’s and idea ……)
Angry Bird Craft Punch
And finally it is the beaks and eyebrows that finally make the character!  I am thinking that these sweets would go down very well at a boys birthday party …… now all I need to do is work out how to make the other characters!!