Friday, 20 December 2019

My Festive Shelves

I don't think I have single spare inch of space left on any of my festive shelves in my lounge this year ........
I didn't think I'd added that much since last year, but said shelves appear to tell a very different story.
I've not put my Tesco Advent house out this year as it is in need of some tender repairs, but managed to replace it with some of the Christmas themed frames I have made during the year.
I could have also sworn that I had another of the tall, metal glittery trees from Home Bargains (£5.99), I feel I could do with another one as they give the "displays" a bit of extra height, but have so far have resisted actually going out to another one.
I have added tiny wire lights along the shelves and in domes (balanced on several Poundland faux, mercury glass candle sticks, also for extra height) to give the twinkle factor when the main lights are turned off to make the room cosy.
I really don't think I need to buy much more new stuff, but, if I do come across any old retro/vintage bits and pieces in any charity shop in the coming few weeks, as this is a time they seem to put it all out, I need to donate something back!  Well that's the theory anyway.
I also need to keep these pictures in a safe place to use as a reference for next year to give me some idea when I unpack the boxes once again of what goes where.
My sofa has also had three new additions, as if I don't have enough cushions on it already.  The navy snowflake ones came from Shepherds Bush Poundland, when I stayed with Marc earlier in the month. 
Poundland cushions are usually pretty pants, but these were quite well stuffed for a change and have the potential, if not this year, certainly next, to be zhuzhed up with perhaps a few clear flat backed gems, we shall see.