Sunday, 17 July 2011

Badge It Makers For Sale ….

If you are looking for a Badge It, I’ve just had an e-mail from follower Sue who has a couple for sale at very reasonable prices, it might be worth e-mailing her: 

Bit Of Extra Information ….

I have to stress this is a toy, not a professional badge making machine, it works for me and the little funny things I like to make with it, I rave about it yes … but it’s only my opinion.
I’ve been doing a bit of mooching around and this appears to be the latest model of Bandai Badge It, available from quite a few outlets including Amazon or directly from Bandai
Bandai Badge It! 30 Badge Sets Refill Pack
I tend to get my refill kits direct from Bandi, they arrive within days and cost £9 for 30 – but Amazon has a good offer on at the moment which includes free delivery.
I have a pdf file of the badge inset below, if you would like a copy just e-mail me and I’ll send it to you.

I Love Tea Badges

Sorry, sorry, sorry, Blogger is playing up again leaving me with no pictures….. aghhhh… fingers crossed I’ve sorted it …….
Picture_058[4] Picture 058
My sister saw the badge (below) and really, really wanted it, but it was in a set of three and cost £10, which was a wee bit expensive.  So I said I would have a go at making her something similar using my Bandai Badge Maker (I have two, one bought from e-bay for about £5 and the other from a carboot for 20p including a full set of badges because the lady didn’t want to take it back home with her!)
It took a bit of computer jiggery pokery to get the size right so that it was centred in badge template but I got there in the end.
I_Love_Tea_Badge[8] I Love Tea BadgeBandai Badge MakerBandai_Badge_Maker[4]
  I myself prefer coffee, white with two sweeteners!!