Sunday, 14 May 2017

Little Robin Christmas Tree Decorations

I have discovered mini craft sticks in The Works ……. and these little robin decorations are the result of my first experiment with them.
Robin Craft Stick Christmas Tree DecorationRobin CRaft Stick Christmas Tree Decoration aaa
I started by deciding that I wanted to use them in a triangular shape, then coloured enough sticks on both sides with green Sharpie pens to make three decorations.
mini craft stick christmas tree decoration with robinmini craft stick robin christmas tree decoration
I glued the sticks together using E6000 so that they would be securely stuck, but PVA would have worked equally as well.
Mini Crfat Stick Robin Christmas Tree DecorationsI then cut six holly patterned triangles as the background, sticking two back to back so that they were double sided for a neat back, as you may have realised I am a bit anal about the derrieres of my tree decorations, in case they twirl round and expose a tatty backside!!!
Mini Craft stick tree decorations
I also added a metal pendant loop to the top of the back so that a ribbon can be threaded through to hang on the tree.Mini Craft Stick Christmas Tree DecorationsThe final touches were made by finally adding the glittered paper robins, their feet and faux stitching round the edges using a white gel pen.
Robin CRaft Stick Christmas Tree Decoration bLooking at the pictures now, I think they need a little something else to really finish them off, a small red bow and perhaps a pair of jingle bells at the top????  I will post another picture when I have found some suitable ribbon, what I have at the moment is too thick, and you know me, it’s all about the proportion!