Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Pirate Mirror – Part 2

Wooooo hoooooo Bertie’s pirate mirror is finally finished and I can’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief ……..
Pirate Mirror 1
…… it may have taken me 14 months but I have never given up!
Pirate Mirror 2
Though firmly stuck down the pirates arms can still be moved, so to add an extra dimension I have put dangly bits (if you’ll pardon the expression) in their hands and the crab with its wibbly wobbly legs guards a precious gem. 
Pirate Mirror 3Pirate Mirror 4
With the pirates, compasses, maps and large gems in place I could then drape the broken pearl and chains necklaces round them ……….
Pirate Mirror 5Pirate Mirror
……. and then fill the smaller gaps with smaller gems and pirate cabochons.
The only thing I wished I’d done was colour/spray the compass bodies gold before they were stuck down, trying to do it on a finished mirror was fiddly to say the least.
Pirate Mirror 6
And now it is done and dusted in a yo ho ho bottle of rum type way ……  it just needs to be bubble wrapped carefully until Christmas then it can be hung in Bertie’s bedroom.  I will put a special message on the back for him and hope that one day it might become an heirloom or at least a memory of mad, always fiddle farting mad Nanny Nell ……….