Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Festive Baubled Branches

This is my view as I blog, in front of me, my festive branches, awash, if I might be so bold, with small baubles of the spherical kind!
View From my computerWith the blind down, it’s much easier to make out!
Festive BranchesI’d spotted the branches, because they looked quite bleached on my way into town, and I thought “I’m going to ‘ave me some of them!”
Nice white branchesAfter I’d helped myself to two suitably sized branches and got them home I suddenly thought what on earth am I going to put them in to keep them standing upright, and then I remembered a couple of bottles I found from Ikea, filled with water they could take the weight of the branches and the baubles I planned to put on them.
Festive twig tree display
I’ve hung cerise pink, turquoise and silver jingle bells from Poundland and some tiny, clear, glass baubles I got in a Hobbycraft sale about six years ago, if not more, I always knew that they would come in one day!
Festive TwigsIn the evening the window sill is cast in a shadow, so I am now looking for one of those flat battery operated downlighters to put behind it.  I could kick myself as I had a couple (£1 for two) in my old craftroom before I dismantled it, still I think I may have seen some in Home Bargains.  I do miss my Poundshops here!