Saturday, 24 December 2011

It’s Christmas Eve ….

….. and I’m done crafting!  I started making stuff way back in June/July and after 80+ Christmas posts to quote Bugs Bunny “That’s All Folks!” for another year. To celebrate I have planned a small indulgence ….. and yes, for the eagled eyed amongst you ….. I do like to mix my normal Maltesers with packet of white ones!! Nom, nom, nom!
Christmas maltesers
If I were truthful I haven’t done everything I had hoped to …. like the Christmas tea light chandelier, made from a round cooling rack and baby food jars …..I just didn’t have the time …. and there were a lot of card ideas that again just didn’t get done ……
Thank you for all your cards and presents for me and those Monkeys, they all mean an awful lot and will be treasured for always xxxxx
I shall be taking tomorrow off, but over the next week I have some posts planned that you might like ……
Have a wonderful Christmas ….. with much love Helen xxxx