Thursday, 14 February 2019

Guest Crafter – Iris and Her Aqua Beads.

Crafting time with Iris is even more special now she’s at school and time more limited,  but over Christmas we had a good little splurge. 
Iris loves Sylvanian Families and she also loves Aqua Beads, so when Aqua Beads do a Sylvanian Family set, it’s a no brainer!
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Believe me, she’s got far more patience with all those fiddle farty little balls than I will ever have, I seemed to spend all my time under the table picking them up.
While she was working away I thought that we should make something more permanent to keep and display what she had created, so I found a couple of silver picture frames and when she was finished beading I got her to draw a couple of backgrounds to go in them, sticking the characters on to them when they were dry.
Sylvannian Families Aqua Beads
They are so precious, with a memories of the day they were made and showing Iris how valued her artistic efforts always are.
Bertie got in on the act too but he was more content with sorting out the balls rather than making any pictures, which is soooooooooo Bertie!