Monday, 28 September 2015

Sandcastle Holiday Birthday Card

This card is A5 in size and is made using a white linen effect, hand cut card blank.
Lucy and I are always on holiday when it’s her birthday in July and so most of the birthday cards I have made her in the past have had a holiday/beach theme, and my 2015 effort is no exception.
I had a rummage in my drawers and found some old tags that I thought would pass muster for holiday colours and some felt, self adhesive seaside theme stickers I’ve had for ages, I can’t remember where they were originally from, but would not have cost be more than £1, but saying that they are really excellent quality, as you can see from the close up pictures, having been machine stitched, slightly padded, with button embellishment and other extra bits.
sandcastle Birthday Card..I mat and layered the background on plain blue and blue gingham papers and then edged it all with faux stitching and a few random doodled shapes.
sandcastle Birthday CardThe plastic, self adhesive letters, came from E-bay and I think they originally were meant for putting on cars (??) but always come in useful when I want to make a card on the hoof.
I guess in all, this card took me about half an hour to put together, and as per usual it’s always the working out where to place everything  first so the card looks balanced that takes up at least 60% of that time!