Thursday, 12 December 2013

Snowman Sticker Christmas Cards

These cards each measure 4ins x 4ins and are made using hand cut white linen effect card blanks.
snowman sticker card............Nothing really special today.  I was just determined to use up all the 99p Store snowman stickers  from last year and all every last scrap of the snowy Payper Box card I had left.
042In the end I did a bit more mat and layering than I had intended, I always think one lot will do and then I start adding another couple more!
Poundland Christmas stickers cardI particularly like the snowmen because the silver dotted embellishment on them adds an extra bit of dimension. 
snowman sticker card with snowy paperHowever, I am not so keen on my use of corner peel-offs ….. I don’t do peels offs for goodness sake!!!  I think the Spirit of Christmas Peel –Offs Past must have decided to take demonic possession of me ……..
snowman sticker card….. for me,  less is definitely more (as above)!