Monday, 2 October 2017

Black Crow Frames

These frames were meant to be Halloween tags but from the start I wasn’t 100% sure I was on the right lines, in my head I really didn’t think that the mini craft sticks and the classic metal bird embellishments would work together and suspected that I’d end up with a mismatched codge up, but despite my misgivings I to decided to persevere anyway.
I started by colouring the sticks with a green Sharpie pen, and at that stage I was already thinking I was going down the wrong path, but again, I still stamped my Tim Holtz Components Time stamp onto a scrap of orange patterned paper to use as a background.
IMG_4746Cutting the background to size I glued it onto the frame and then added the birds, gluing them with E6000 for a really secure bond.
IMG_4747Hmmmmmmm, not too bad! I then tried adding other bits and pieces in the background, including stars, but all looked pants!!!!  I also found some very old Ranger Crackle paint at the back of one of my drawers and tried that, BIG mistake, but fortunately I was able to remove it with a damp cotton bud before too much damage was done.
I added a flat bail fitting to the back, but that was also removed, because I realised that the tag idea wasn’t going to work. It’s at this sort of indecisive stage of an idea that I start to “worry” it, trying this and that, but in the end I just get a mess and it ends up in the bin, so this time I am going to put the frames to one side and ignore them for a day or two or perhaps a lot longer.  I am thinking perhaps a card ………? But, to quote someone famous ….. “I’ll be back”