Thursday, 24 December 2009

And … the stockings were hung!

Well I did it!  I have managed to keep up a Christmassy themed blog all through December – right up to today!

And I couldn’t post today without showing you my sister Janet’s snowman card – I think we have a theme going on. I already have a plan for making snowmen if/when we have more snow!!!

Jans Snowman Jans Snowman 1
I make no apology for these grubby, moth eaten specimens I made years before I became “crafty”, they are all between 25 to 28 years old and part of our family history.

Picture 446 
They come out every Christmas, and every year I say I’ll make one for me, but never seem to get round to it!
Picture 451
Can I wish everyone a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU for all your lovely comments since I started blogging in August.  

Toms Stocking
It’s Christmas ……. bring it on …………. !