Monday, 30 June 2014

Patchwork Christmas Card

This card measures 14.5cms x 14.5cms and is made using a hand cut blank using a white linen effect card.
patchwork Christmas card
It’s time for me to make a new crafty resolution ….. to make sure that when I buy something in a great flurry of inspiration, I try to use them as soon as I possibly can afterwards and not put it them away …… for the inspiration and the ideas to disappear …..
…… because that’s what happened when I found these Kaisercraft die cut shapes,  reduced to £2.75 from £5.50 in Paperchase, on the way home I was full of ideas ….. but when I re-looked at them a few weeks later  …… I thought ….. what was I thinking? And that’s money down the pan …. unless I can rekindle those ideas …. 
Picture3Patchwork Christmas Card 1
So, determined not to throw my money away, I did me some Googling and decided that patchwork was the way to go, using scraps of Christmas papers and faux stitching. The finished card has got a retro feel about it ….
retro Christmas Card
I have to admit I am not 100% sure about it ….. but perhaps things I’ll be more convinced and confident as I work my way through the rest of the pack!

Monday, 23 June 2014

RetroTag Christmas Card

This card measures approximately 15cms x 10cms made using a hand cut blank using an untextured red card.
retro snowman tag cardI like the idea of tags on cards, but it’s something I don’t think I have tried before ….. so I took one of the tags I posted the other day, not sure if it would work …. but ended up very pleasantly surprised.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Marc’s Primark Doorstop(s)

Animal door stops are so on trend this season (hark at me!!!!!!) and absolutely everywhere ….. but the prices!!!  Oh my goodness!  This tale goes back to February when I was staying with Marc and he took me to Hammersmith, he knows how to treat a girl! We did all the charity shops and Primark which is where Marc spotted these door stops for, can you believe it ….. £5 each?
Pic 1Picture4
We were very impressed and ohhhhed and ahhhhhed,  but at the time didn’t make a considered purchase, because Marc also had his eye on a particularly snazzy pair boots and I was snapping up candles and London embellished souvenirs like their bags, purses, socks and  wallets for presents ….. and to be honest the doorstops were heavy …… but it wasn’t long before Marc started to regret it as they had artistic potential … and after I had gone he bought in bulk …… because they were a blank canvas to “do up”……..
This is the one he saved for me on my next visit …… where  he simply added a ribbon ruff and very, very lovely and sparkly lead ….. which Marc tells me was once one of the belts from a “Material Girl’s” costume during one of her tours and Marc was designing some of her outfits…. but who are we to name drop!
Pug Door stop
Just a couple of simple touches and my pooch has taken on a completely new persona. From what I can remember Marc added various other neckerchiefs and ruffles to others and created a couple of pirates and clowns ……
Such a simple idea, but once you let your imagination loose the possibilities are endless … if you were giving one as a present you could match them to occupations, hobbies or occasions……
I have to add here that my “Rufus” isn’t allowed to sit by the door, he might get hurt, so he sits safe and sound beside the fireplace,  with his lead very artistically arranged!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Christmas Cards 2014 - Retro Feel Snowman Christmas Card

This card measures 5ins x 5ins and is made using a hand cut plain red card blank.Retro Style Snowman Card 1I found several of these packs of canvas toppers in The Range sale for just 50p a pack, bargaintastic! But, what I am going do when I find any early Christmas “bargains” is to try to use them as soon as I can, otherwise they will just get put away and are then forgotten (well, they do in my case!).  This will also help me build up a good stock of cards way before I really need them.I’ve married the stickers up with some rather retro looking 8ins x 8ins  papers that I have had for so long I can’t even remember who made them.  There is a lot of mat and layering going on as you can see, with an equally amount of faux stitching.  The only thing that I really shouldn’t have added are the pearls ….. ugh!!!!  They really should be snowflakes …. but stuck so quickly that the card would have been ruined if I had tried to remove them, lesson learned!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Marc And I “Do” Crafting Together For The First Time …… Continued ….

This card is A5 in size ……..
Silver Sixpence for her shoe cardMarc wanted me to make him a card that incorporated an old sixpence to give to the bride whose wedding we had been working on ….
Silver Sixpence for her shoe card 1I had an inkling of an idea on the Saturday, but it took me until late Monday evening to put all together ……..
Silver Sixpence for her shoe card.I wanted it to take all the ideas and die cuts we had used on all the other bits and pieces we had done so that the theme flowed, but it took a couple of days because we were constantly throwing new ideas at each other, and trying things that sometimes didn’t quite work out.
blue birds sixpence cardI wish you could have heard us ….. debating, trying one idea, erming and ahhing, trying something else, and then more often as not going back to our original idea ……Picture14
I lined the card with a thin, plain, white paper and then added a red velum insert that Marc had punched a while ago for another project, and then a bit of loopy writing and a few tiny red flat backed gems finished the whole thing off,  done and dusted!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Marc And I “Do” Crafting Together For The First Time …… Continued ….

This is the pile of booty that Marc and I put together during my visit, and I think Marc has since added a few more things……… what is he like????
The matchboxes (below) are to put small pieces of jewellery or keyrings in made by Marc ……
Tattoo themed wedding crafts
……. but they proved to be the most frustrating and difficult things to put together ever, despite our using the Stampin’ Up matchbox die my son Tom managed to get from America ….. they look lovely when put together, but believe me, they would try the patience of a saint, and Marc said that for the first time he realised how impatient I can be!!  Needless to say, I left ALL the matchboxes to Marc, who fortunately does have the patience of a saint!!!
swallow gift box
After Marc had worked out how to put the insides together he then went on to emboss the outsides ….. and cutting even more blue glitter birds out (Sizzix Sizzlits Singles Die - Bird Swallow Patch Embellishment Item #: 12786329), which I believe may now be discontinued.
On it’s own the bird didn’t look right, so we added the flower, but had to fiddle fart with them because the stem was white and needed to be coloured green, and they were soooooo tiny ….. aghhhh,
writing on a sixpence
But something was still missing ….. first Marc added a plain flourish and then a silver flourish and then a glittered glittered ….. before finally wondering out aloud how they would look with a bit of writing and a doodle or two on  …….. and since he says I can write on a pinhead, guess who got that job ???????
My template and guide is at the bottom, marked so that I could compare and write the real thing in around about the same place each time!
winged heart fridge magnets
Marc then followed the idea through again with the fridge magnets he made, seen here backed on contrasting presentation cards.
There were also packs of tattoos to put together and since I have got home I have made a card to go with some wish bracelets ………….
tattoo wedding favorTattoo themed wedding crafts..
That’s one thing about Marc ……. he knows how to make a woman work for her keep, but we had such a wonderful, wonderful time and there were huge hugs and a few tears when it was time for me to leave ………. BUT here’s an even more WONDERFUL thing …….. we are now busy making plans for Marc to stay with me for a week in the summer ……. he has a bucket list and visiting the delights of Wolverhampton is on there ………. now how brilliant will that be?????

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Marc And I “Do” Crafting Together For The First Time …… Continued ….

These are the place settings Marc and I put together for the wedding he is “doing” ……. I think they measure about 4.5 ins x 4.5ins. They are made using a pack of card blanks which we scored about half and inch either side of the fold so that they would stand up. 
Tattoo themed wedding crafts place cardWe then spent most of the morning die cutting all the shapes we needed, plus extra’s for other things,  Marc on his Cuttlebug and me on his BigShot.
Tattoo themed wedding crafts place card with pinsI typed and printed out a pile of pin poems, cut them to size and stuck them down using foam pads at the top of the inside of the card and used matching ready made toppers that Marc already had to fill in the space at the bottom. We then built up the scored bottom, using two layers of foam tape, plus another shorter one in the middle which was further embellished with a length of self adhesive ribbon to accommodate three of Marc’s beautiful pins.
Tattoo themed wedding crafts place card with pins..The final touch was a red ribbon tied through a single hole punched at the top and bottom of the card to bring it all together and help them stand up.
Tattoo themed wedding crafts place card with pins finished product
Et voila, a place setting and wedding favour all in one!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Working On A Project With Marc ….. For The Very First Time!

I didn’t see Marc at Easter because of my Icelandic trip, but it felt so awful and so strange, I was pining big time ….. so when I found out that Virgin were offering train tickets to London for just £5.50 at half term, well it would have been most rude not too make a considered purchase, wouldn’t it?
So, I arrived at 7.30 just in time for supper and for us to watch Gogglebox, our Friday night programme of choice together for the first time  …… and enjoy an aperitif or two ……….. well, neither of us know how we did it, and I am not sure I should really be telling you this for fear of you feeling ill of me and Marc and our habits  ….. BUT these are our empties …… OMG ….  and I don’t even drink, except for high days and holidays, by rights I think we should both be dead ….. but we didn’t even walk funny, talk stupid, pass out or get into a fight ……. the room didn’t even spin, we just talked and talked and talked until it became light and then it wasn’t really worth going to bed!!  …. We had our last drink at 8.30 on Saturday morning and then started to work…..  because despite this awful, awful tale of debauchery we were on a mission and had much work to get through ……. Marc had a wedding to “do” and I was there to help.  He really didn’t have much of a theme/idea to go on ….. just the title Roman Holiday …. which Marc decided to link in with 1950’s style tattoos.
Tattoo wedding project 1Tattoo wedding project 2
My first job was to embellish a pile of white lunch bags that were to be filled with favours (also to be made by Marc) with tattoo designs that Marc had drawn up. The idea had been to simply print them out on his printer, but erm….. the ink was running low ….. and we were stuck, until I suggested that if I could find somewhere in Notting Hill that had a copier all would not be lost ……
……. and that’s when Marc and I started bouncing ideas off each other that would continue for the rest of my visit! The colours were pretty flat and faded then Marc suggested that I went over them with ProMarkers before having them copied …… a genius idea, because when they were copied the paper took on a glossy texture and the colours became so much deeper and richer with what appeared to be a crude but perfect rough shading to them ……
Each tattoo design, one for the front and back of each bag, then had to be mat and layered on red, glittered using translucent diamond dust which went everywhere, and I mean everywhere, and the names of the bride and groom and guests written in my best loopy writing!
Tattoo themed wedding crafts 1
In the end it looked like as if a whole herd of fairies had partaken in a wild and wanton party where fairy dust had been scattered with unbridled abandon  ….. my eyes were so sore, I was coughing up glitter and Marc and I were twinkling for England!
Tattoo themed wedding crafts aTattoo themed wedding favor bags 2At Ar first I thought the bags might be a little over the top or not quite as precise as I would have liked …..
Tattoo themed wedding favor bags….. but sometimes when you are working up close to something for a long time you can’t see the whole picture anymore and leave them for a while and then go back to them …….. and when I did I was soooooooo pleased …….. but there was more work to be done, as you will see tomorrow.