Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spring Is In The Air ….. At Last ….

There is nothing like a bit of spring sunshine and days that are beginning to feel a touch warmer to bring a re-newed vigour to your spirits,  and so my enthusiasm to breathe more life, colour and interest into my newly decorated but very plain and unadorned magnolia craft room continues to gather apace – mostly due to the efforts of my brother Andrew for doing all the complicated bits that I can’t ….. and my sister Jan who has done all the fetching and carrying ……
craft room developmentsCraftroom Progress
…. so I have gone from having a bare window with dodgy handles that I dare not open to a window that I can now open and close as the fancy takes me with a dead posh blind,  and from a single, bare bulb to a fitting with lots of lights that can be set at any angle…..
craftroom improvementsPicture2
….. and walls from which now hang my what-not shelves,  that make the room say “me”.  I,  in turn have been busy sealing all the Decopatched cupboard doors etc. that I started at the beginning of the Easter holiday with quick drying varnish ….. so it’s all coming together.
The next items on the improvement agenda are a couple of shelves for over the computer for my craft books and speakers,  and then …… another painting for over the radiator to give me something to look at while I am ironing …… I might be tempted to embellish this one with a few gems and small mirrors ….. but I’m not sure yet…… 
…… So,  with this in mind I have ordered a pack of two Loxley standard depth 48" x 36" canvas’s from – (a little smaller than my original),  which worked out at roughly £20 each inc. P & P,  saving me an awful lot of money, when compared to other sites I looked at.  Admittedly I had to buy two for the price ….. but, as I had already decided to paint my mum something for her 80th birthday …. it was a no brainer! Watch this space …….