Thursday, 15 April 2010

Two More Newspaper Cards - Hope You're Not Sick of Them!

The above card was for my niece’s best friend, my brief was - must be OTT, lots of girly, sparkly, glitzy things, likes trendy bags!
I’ve used a packet of  3D stickers I got from Penkridge Market (Staffordshire). I had the last few packs, but I wish I could find some more as they have been brilliant for similar cards.  I have also added a few stars and extra gems to the bags.
The second card was for a colleague at work. Her daughter had just started modelling and she asked if that could be included in the theme. 
I asked for a photo that I could include and built around it. I made an extra copy of the photo, cut it out and used it  as a very simple decoupage layer. 
The camera is a sizzix die cut I got from e-bay,and the background paper is from “Love Elsie” which I love and again wish I could find some more of.