Thursday, 1 January 2015

Another New Year ……

Yes ….. I have made a couple of resolutions …..
…….. I intend to keep both blogs going for a little while longer….. I am not promising there will be a Fiddle Fart post every single day, but as with last year I know every other day is certainly do-able   Let’s just see how it goes.  However, again, like last year, I have a few Christmas posts already scheduled for January, as there were some projects I never got to post as time ran out  ….. and with the Christmas sales now on I have a feeling that I’ll be picking up a few bits and pieces that I will want to craft with rather than leave them till the end of the year.
I also need to lose weight, it’s been creeping up on me gradually for the past eighteen months and I have done nothing about it except in the last few months when I have bought the next size up and that, is not good!!  I am not going to harp on and on about it …. but, when I am back in a size 12/14 I think I will be reasonably jubilant enough to share it with you!!
I admit to having a certain hesitancy about the coming year ……….I have a few plans in the pipeline …… some of which I don’t want to jinx just yet by mentioning them ….. but, I am going to see Queen for my birthday in a few weeks time,  one of the few groups Andy didn’t get to see. When there was nothing on the tele we would watch Queen videos together instead ….. it won’t be the same without Freddie, but at least I can give Andy the thumbs up and say …. look where I am!
I am also hoping that Marc will be staying with me again in February, all being well …… I have promised him that the schedule won’t be half as punishing as it was last summer ….. but will include visits to as many charity shops as I can muster, several meals out, at least one trip on the Banga bus and of course lots of crafting ……this time I think we may be mostly working playing with air drying clay, Fimo and resin!!!!
January 1st 2015 - another year lays ahead of us …… “lets hope it’s a good one!”