Friday, 22 March 2013

Packed Lunch Gift Bag

Another very quick idea and so simple, so I apologise beforehand as I am probably teaching grandma to suck eggs ……. but it’s keeping the blog posts flowing …….
Lunch bag Gift BagThis really was a real rush job, as I needed to gift wrap a jar containing 50p’s as a present for my friends son very quickly, so another apology for the tag not being perfectly centred!!!!
I used a brown paper lunch bag that I have had for years, so long that I just cannot remember where I originally got them, but I found these on e-bay …. however, I have not used this seller so if you make a purchase you do so at your own risk.
I have simply folded the top of the bag over a couple of times and then punched a hole through the layers, roughly in the centre to thread through the tag string, knotting it at the back …… simples!
Gift Bag made using lunch bag with tagWith a little more time, effort and artistic flair there is no end to the ways you could embellish this sort of packaging.