Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Marc’s Christmas Wreath Using Tim Holtz Rosette Die

Marc gave me this Christmas wreath when I stayed with him just before Christmas.  He used his Tim Holtz’s rosette die. I have to be honest, when I  first saw it I felt a slight twinge as I thought I had sold my own die before the “big move”, but when I was doing some sorting in my craft boxes I found it ….. huge sigh of relief!  I know in time I am going to regret selling/giving away a few bits and pieces, but I am so glad I kept this one.
Rosette Christmas WreathMarc used an MDF ring as the base to his wreath.
IMG_9776But, as we were in a crafty mood and Marc was showing me all  his beautiful shiny bits and pieces (oooow’er matron), it seemed rude and ungracious not to avail myself of a few of them ……….
Paper Rosette Wreath…….. to embellish the wreath just a little bit more, there was no way I wanted Marc to think I was turning my nose up at his lovely glittery baubles  ……
jewelled christmas rosette wreathSo …… on top of the various plain buttons more diamonds, pearls and shiny things were added, with Marc’s approval.
rosette wreath ChristmasIMG_9797
When I got home the wreath was added to my festive shelves (then put away safely), and will now be a much loved treasure holding so many happy memories coming out for many years to come.