Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Charity Shop Find & An Aldi Bargain.

Marc has taught me well when looking at jewellery in Charity Shops, he can spot a piece that can be disassembled into a million pieces in a nano second, which, if bought individually or in packs from the jewellery section of, for example Hobbycraft, would cost an absolute fortune
LOng boho style heart and bead necklaceSo he would have been so proud of me as I scooped up this long boho style necklace for just £1, it is made up of so many components and had many, many possibilities.  I have counted 14 large, brass puffy hearts, 26 small silver hearts, and 35 amber coloured bead drops, plus over 100 large silver links.  I wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy this little lot in one go, so I am well chuffed.
Boho Style heart and bead necklaceHowever, I am not in any rush to take it apart just yet as I think it will look quite nice just hanging and adorning my spare bedroom for the moment.
Aldi Wooden Hanging Christmas DecorationAldi Wooden Hanging Christmas Decorations.
I have had my beady eye on these wooden decorations in Aldi since before Christmas, again with the idea of disassembling, but at £3.99 I was being mean, but when they reduced them last week to £1.99, well, it would have been rude not to have bought them, and when I opened up the pack, I got a surprise, as I thought it was all one piece when actually it was four, so that works out at 50p per piece.  Again, I couldn’t buy all the wooden shapes for £3.99 let alone £1.99, and I haven’t counted all the wooden beads, gold jingle bells and ribbon also included.
However, a bargain is only a bargain when I actually use it, it’s not a bargain when bought and then put in the back of a cupboard, so initially I am thinking that the large hearts could be made into gift tags, possibly married with a few silver hearts from the necklace (if I can bear to break it up …..), and the houses, I am thinking along the lines of Home Sweet Home …….give me five minutes and I will see what I can come up with.