Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Halloween Snake Trick Or Treat Plaque

This is what happens when an Easter Egg Hunt plaque goes terribly wrong!
Halloween Spider Trick or Treat Door PlaqueIt started with a sorry tale of my trying to remove a sticky price tag and ending up removing almost all of the front instead! 
Easter PlaqueThe plaque measures approximately 13cms x 6cms. It only cost 69p, but I couldn’t just throw it away ….. so thinking about how much fun I had had making my Halloween snake and spider door wreath, I thought I might as well try to use the snakes and a few skeleton hands I still had left it …… my brain sometimes makes some very weird connections!
Halloween Snake PlaqueI removed the ribbon and covered the front with a scrap of orange paper, adding the hands and snakes in intertwined layers using a glue gun and deciding not to remove any threads from the glue for added effect.
Halloween Snake Trick or Treat Plaque Door SignI then glued on small, red, flat back gems for the snakes eyes, a few tiny gold stars on the orange paper in between the wigglies, and a few smudges of green Sharpie pen on the fingers.
Halloween Spider and Creepy Hand Trick or Treat Door PlaqueTo be honest, I didn’t know where I was going with the plaque, but it was at this stage that I decided to add a handwritten Trick or Treat on three ripped scraps of black card using a white gel pen.
IMG_2282…… and then the idea of “hiding” sweets amongst the snakes and hands as a dare for little fingers to try and fish them out hit me, all the more creepy in a dimly lit room!  Nearer the time I will get some more chocolate coins, as I only had one to try as the idea came to me, oh and a boiled sweet!
I need to attach a ribbon to hang the plaque from, or a strong magnet, but that can wait till Halloween too. 
Now, what can I do with about 30 neon coloured skeletons …….. bunting?