Sunday, 24 December 2017

A Blast From The Past - Sweetie Test Tubes From Christmas 2009

I can't claim that this is my own idea. I found lots of test tube favors when Googling and thought I would have a go at making one myself.
I bought the test tubes off e-bay, but when they arrived I was disappointed because the top was hollow, but, after much head scratching and rifling about in my drawers, I found some extra large gems that fit over the hole perfectly..... a bit of a fiddle fart, but it did the trick.

Thirteen jelly beans (the posh ones - 100's of different flavours) fit in each tube. The ones in this tube are in Christmas colours, but because of the huge variety of beans it's easy to do different combinations, like black, orange and green for Halloween, yellow,orange and green for Easter, all you need then is a co-ordinating ribbon and tag. I've used a Papermania metal rimmed tag (the ones that come in a box of assorted shapes and sizes)
I am now on the look out for corks that would fit into the top of the tube for a different look and also larger tubes that could fit bigger sweets ....... I'm never satisfied!