Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Considered Purchases For Halloween And Christmas

I thought I might not see these Halloween pots this year, they’ve been around for years but like the nets of boney hands and skeleton garlands of yesteryear I wondered if there would come a time when they would disappear too, BUT after visits to  the Poundstretcher stores  in Worcester and Evesham I found them! They also do a skull pack, which I may also get.
I wanted them in particular this year because Bertie’s nursery has an Autumn Fayre where they organise a trail of pumpkins in the school meadow, it is both a magical and entrancing evening especially for the little ones (hopefully pictures to follow as and when it happens),  but funds are tight and I thought I could decorate and fill a few pots with sweets to help raise a bit more money. Pictures below are from my 2012 efforts …… I think I can do better now!
Poundworld Halloween Pumpkins_thumb[7]Poundworld Halloween._thumb[8]
Christmas Photoframe Sampler_thumb[6]
I also visited Poundland to get some more photo frames for my Christmas Sampler Frames, the design has now changed from the ones they had before, …….. typical ……..
….. but I think I can achieve the same sort of result/affect with the frame turned vertically.  I also think I can use the patterned background sheet as a template and or base on which to stick my festive background papers making it a much less fiddly effort than my original one.  I prefer the old frame with its circles but  as soon as I have had a play I will post the results. The frame comes in black or white ……. I am thinking a black one could also be used for a Halloween themed decoartion with appropriate embellishments if I can find some.