Saturday, 25 February 2017

Jewelled Christmas Tree Card

This card measures 4.5ins x 4.5ins and uses a hand cut, white linen effect card blank as its base.  IMG_1080The jewelled Christmas Trees were a bit of an experiment, the original idea was to make gift tags of them.
Jewelled Christmas Tree Tags 2I used a few of the wooden Ikea tree shaped tags I found in a charity shop and featured a few weeks ago, covering them with a variety of papers and colouring one with a green Sharpie pen, but with hindsight I needn’t have bothered because once covered with the jewels nothing really showed underneath.
Jewelled Christmas Tree Tags.Covering them was a right fiddle fart, almost making my eyes to permanently cross! When the glue was dry I went over the trees a couple more times, filling in the gaps using a variety of small flat backed gems and tiny nail art gems and studs. Once happy I covered the tree with a layer of Aleene’s Pendant Gel to “embed” the jewels.
jewelled Christmas TreeThe trees sat on my work table for a couple of days while I decided what to do with them, then I thought I would see how they would look on a card. 
I kept things as simple as possible, no backing or no faux stitching etc. the only thing I added was a large, square, flat backed gem under the tree.  I have to admit I am not quite sure about it ……perhaps it’s a little too heavy?  I have another five left to play with, so I can think a little longer.