Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Musical Gift Card

Sometimes charms are beautiful but as they are also often quite small I find it hard to know where and how to place them for the best effect.
Bird cage card
However when I bought a pack of 20 Docrafts Papermania 3ins x 3ins cards and envelopes a while ago I knew that they would be perfect to use with the charms to make small gift cards.
PMA 151000
Simply mat and layered on paper from an old music book and gold mirror card plus a bit of faux stitching (though looking at the picture now I don’t really think it needs it) Bob’s your Aunt Fanny!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Newspaper Card for Hairdressers 40th Birthday

This card is A5 is size and is made using white linen effect card.
Hairdressers Newpaper Birthday card
The brief for this card was 40, hairdresser,Special Friend, likes boozing, curries and holidays!
Newpaper Card for hairdressers Birthday
I think I ticked most of the boxes! The main picture was made up of very simple decoupage layers to give a bit of dimension.   

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Paint Colour Chart Tags/Labels

The students at work have been making “Designer” t-shirts and instead of just pinning their names on their work I thought it would be nice to make them some “Designer” tags after spotting a pile of unused paint colour charts on a table.
Paint chart tags
I did originally cut the charts in half and then into a conventional tag shape, but somehow they didn’t look right, so I just punched a hole in the corner for the thread and left it at that. The names were printed on self adhesive labels, cut to size and then stuck on ….
Paint chart tags.
I am now thinking of Christmas ……. and wonder if I can acquire a small pile charts in  seasonal shades of red and green for gift tags …… hmmmmm!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Docrafts Boofle– Baby Shower Card

This card measures 5ins x 5ins.
Boofle baby Shower card Docrafts
Sorry ….. my sense of humour here, made for one of my Heads of Department before she left to have her baby.  I thought Boofle looked as if he  was erm ….. concentrating very hard ……. !!  In the card I have written in large letters “PUSH” ….. all in the best possible taste you understand!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Ringing In A Few Changes ….

I was getting a bit tired of the look of my old pink blog, the text was far too small and the posts seemed stuck in the middle of the page, with acres of space around them  ….. it was time for a change …. Unfortunately some of the old posts are out of kilter and the pictures no longer centred …. but I think I can live with that as they are all in the past! I have a pile of posts already written in the pipeline which will need to be tweaked so that the pictures are not asquiff … so I have made a rod for my own back really, but hey ho ….. we’ll see how it goes!

Posh Jewelled Gift Tags

Jewelled Gift TagsI found this old broken bracelet in one of my craft drawers and thought .... hmmm, wonder what they would look like on a gift tag? Because they were quite heavy I realised that they would need a substantial base .... and then I had an Ulrika moment ……  and thought ….  my old faithful wooden dominos ....!!!
Jewelled Gift Tags..But, would you believe the dominoes were a fraction too wide ? .... Then I got to thinking again  …. what about The Dukes tools in the garage?? .... What I needed was a sander ....
Black and Decker Mouse Sander And …. I only found this baby sander didn’t I .... but, how shall I put it delicately,  it vibrated so hard, it was quite erm  ...vigorous  and I needed a firm hand to steady it!! However, it did the trick and domino fitted perfectly between the bars either side of the bracelet section.
Bejewelled gift tagsI stuck the picture side of the domino down on to some gold card and cut round them. Then all I had to do was glue the jewelled section onto the gold side with E6000 glue, and drill a hole for the gift tag thread.  Done and dusted!  They would look luvvvvverrrly on a parcel wrapped in black paper!.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Box Frame Memories …..

Fishing Lure Memory FrameWhile sorting through The Dukes fishing paraphernalia I came across these vintage fish lures (well, that’s what I think they are), I absolutely loved them and put them safe until I was ready …..
Vintage fish lures.So ….. on Tuesday night, after tea,  I started to think about them again  …. and the Ikea Ribba box frame I had bought a little while ago…….
old fish luresSo ……  I got out my E6000 glue, a small square of Carolyn Holt (Paper Adventures) Go Fish Fresh Water Wash paper and set to work ….. it didn’t take me too long to get all the “fish” in the right position.
vintage fish luresI’m not sure where the frame is going at the moment but it will be somewhere special.…..
Fishing Lure Memory Frame. Box

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Getting There ….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         First of all a huge THANK YOU for all your lovely e-mails over the past two months, they have meant so much to me, you’ll never know. But,  I have to apologise because I may not have replied to all of them and have been slow to answer the ones that I did.  If I let myself,  I could be on the computer all day …. and as is so obvious to me now ……life is too short to do  that!   But trust me every e-mail was carefully read over and over again, most bought a tear to my eye ….. THANK YOU  xxxxx
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         What I would like to do in the next week or so is to do a post showing you all the lovely handmade cards I received, from so many followers. I think I have only ever made one Sympathy card, undoubtedly the hardest type of card to make, but they were all so beautiful they really need to be shared.garSo what have I been up to?  Well I have been “learning” myself to paint big things,  proper …….. …….
Magnolia Paint…… when The Duke’s marine tank was emptied and taken away the room was too bare and it was so obvious that it had gone….
Linda Barker Where are you….. so I decided that by changing the whole look of the room its absence would not be quite so noticeable.
tankThe tank was beautiful, but far to complicated for me or Lucy to look after, so some wonderful gentleman from the local Marine Aquarist Club came one night and dismantled it for us, they found homes for all the fish, corals, crabs and anemones …..and I just could not/cannot thank them enough for all they did.  Having seen Andy’s Heath Robinson type set ups they said they only wish that they could have had the chance to met him.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         As I said at the start …. life is too short ……  and Lucy and I are making plans ….. Andy so wanted to go to America and be a cowboy, go to a proper rodeo …. and we always dreamed that one day we would go to Monument Valley …..

…… well I might not get there for a little while yet …. but Lucy had told her Dad that she wanted to “do” Las Vegas for her 30th birthday and I know he would have made that dream come true for her ….. but as he can’t do it …. I am just going to have to do it for him …… next August!!!!
One of our very favourite programmes that we always watched together was Pawn Stars, and we always said if we went to Las Vegas that the Pawn Shop would be the first place we would visit …..
Well, it will be one of the first places Lucy and I will visit and I will take one of The Duke's vintage fishing reels or something like that to see what I can get for it .... and then ..... I will "squander" the proceedings with large cocktails, like we always did on holiday ....and  toast The Duke.

The saddest day for me is coming up soon when we take Andy’s ashes to scatter in Brixham … it was about this time last year we were all excited about going to stay at Cockle Cottage ….
….and it was such an idyllic holiday … I just never imagined I would be returning a year later to say my final goodbye to The Duke, I cannot think about it at the moment without crying, but I know when the time comes I will be strong. We will also be taking a donation of about £1,000 down for the Torbay RNLI which would chuff the nuts off Andy no end.
This Too Shall Pass... Hand Stamped 1/4-inch Bracelet - customizable
I wanted to find myself something to wear to help me in the knowledge that the emptiness and loneliness I feel at the moment will slowly ebb away … and I found this bracelet on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/97017306/this-too-shall-pass-hand-stamped-14-inch
I also like the story from which the phrase is supposed to come from ….. http://www.wscribe.com/parables/pass.html.
So again thank you all again  …. I am getting there  xxxxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Baby Girl Cards

Two 5ins x 5ins cards today using Impex Crafts wooden embellishments.  I have so many embellishments some bought on  a whim because they were a bargain  …. so I have put one drawer from my cupboard by my craft desk and I really, really am trying to work my way through it …..
Baby Girl card and Tag

When I looked at the set of embellishments I realised that only the baby and booties could carry a card on their own ……
Impex Crafts Wooden Embellishments
….. so I made tags with the bib and the heart and put them as a bonus in with the cards in their display bags.
Baby Booties Card
I now just have to work out what to do with the bottle!!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Jewelled Photo Frame

I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night, so rather than waste my time and energy tossing and turning I decided to put my restlessness to good use ……
jewelled photo picture frame…. to put together this less is more, what do you mean bling? …. jewel encrusted photo frame!002It started with these large flat backed flowers that I have have forever and which really do need to be used up……
Poundshop picture frame….. and an 8” x 6” Poundshop picture frame(£1!!!).
jewelled photo frame.I smothered the frame with a copious amount of PVA glue and placed the large gem flowers first ….
Jewelled photo picture frame.
…and then slowly filled the gaps with all the other flat backed bling I have collected or been given over the years .
Jewelled picture photo frame made
The gaps became smaller and smaller, as did the gems to fill them with …. until I became quite cross eyed!  I will now carefully wrap the frame in tissue paper to keep until Christmas, as I know just the right person to give it too! And I have another idea ….. for another sleepless night!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Festive Nosey Parkers ........ in July!!!

There’s been a bit of banter in my “chatbox” between Louise and Angie … curious about what Christmas template Linda has recommended me to have a look at ….  what are they like????!!!!!
Linda, knowing how much I love looking for different ways of packaging snowman soup sent me a link to this idea.   Now, bearing in mind just how careful you have to be with copyright re: digital files etc. I thought the best thing to do was send you directly to: www.card-making-downloads.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=996 to see for yourselves. A download of the  file costs £1.80. 
As you know I am very particular about my snowman images, they have to have “just the right face”.  I lost my very favourite Zoe Pearn Little Joys digi file when our computer “died” at Christmas but I have found lots of snowman images that   I may be very tempted to purchase as I get more and more into Christmas …….. http://primsydoodledesigns.net/. It’s only July …. what am I thinking!!!!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Small Bejewelled Heart Canvas

Jewelled Heart Canvas
I made this heart canvas for my friend Sarah’s birthday . Sarah has been so wonderful over the past few weeks I just wanted to make her something more than a card to show her just how much I love her and can’t thank her enough for constantly making me laugh and singing at me, even on the darkest day.
Jewelled Canvas Heart..I’ve taken a small 5” x 5” canvas, onto which I have drawn an outline of a heart, then filled it a strong PVA glue and lots and lots of flat backed gems and jewels.  As you can see, nothing changes on this blog …. I was so anxious to get the idea posted the PVA has still quite some time to go before it’s properly dry …….

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Three Organza Flower Cards

These cards were experiments after Marc sent me a parcel that included a bag of these very delicate organza flowers.
Net flowers
I’ve tried to keep them as “less is more” as I can, adding only brads and settings to each of the flowers, which were made up of four layers of flowers, some leaf effect ribbon and a scattering of tiny flat backed pearls.
Net Flower Card
I think my favourite is the top purple one.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blue Angry Bird Birthday Card

I’ve had another go at punch art, this time to make a Blue Angry Bird topper for a birthday card.
Blue Angry Bird Birthday card...
I’ve used a variety of punches, but the shapes need a bit of trimming to get the overall effect right
Blue Angry Bird Punch Art
I also used a picture of the Blue Angry Bird  found on Google for reference .
Punch Art Blue Angry Bird
Blue Angry Bird Birthday card
And hope the photos give you an idea of how I put it all together.
Blue Angry Bird punch Art..
Googly eyes and a little outlining complete the design.
Punch Art Blue Angry Bird.
Done and dusted and ready to fly!!