Sunday, 23 August 2009

How To Make An Itsy Bitsy Advent Calendar.

I have been asked for some instructions on how to make my little Advent Calendars. I am hoping that the pictures will do most of the work, please bear with me, I'll try my best and hope I get everything in the right order .........

First, design your numbers. I used A4 page setting in Publisher and 2 Peas font "Typo" (download from, font size 16 for December and font size 65 for the number. Each square measures approx. 4.5cm x 4 cm. I managed to get all 25 on one sheet. Cut numbers out.To make the body of the calendar, cut a piece of card (I used dark blue leather effect) approx. 9cm long x 6.5cm wide. Add two wavy strips of white glitter card along the bottom . Put a length of ribbon on top of the "snow", leaving enough to stick behind the card to give a neater finish. Add a bow to the main ribbon by threading a smaller piece underneath and making a single knot. Mat and layer on silver card.

Cut a co-ordinating piece of card approx 5cm x 5cm and mat and layer on silver card and stick onto the snow scene.

Decorate a mini bulldog clip with co-ordinating ribbons and secure the numbers in its grip. Carefully attach the clip to the calendar body.

Add an embellishment to one side of the calendar, I used a "Dress It Up" snowman button. As a finishing touch add several clusters of three dots on the sky area in white pen.

Finally stick a magnet on the back. And voila!!!