Monday, 24 February 2014

More Pages From My Las Vegas Scrapbook ……… My trip To Michaels and Walmart ……

Once more, I am going to try and let the pages from my Las Vegas scrapbook/journal do most of the talking ……
Las Vegas scrapbook a
However, now, reading the pages back, I can see that when I put these pages together I must have been very heavily under the influence of the rather generous Las Vegas cocktails I was swiftly becoming accustomed to, judging by my spelling and poor sentence construction!!!!!!!!! Please forgive me …. I just hope you can make some sense of what I was trying to say …….
Las Vegas scrapbook 1
A couple of years ago I made friends via my “Mums Monkey” blog with Dianne, who lives in Florida,  and never fails to leave a comment each day and who I and “The Boys” love very much, even though we have never met!  Well, not yet!!!!!!!! 
Las Vegas scrapbook.
Anyway, I told Dianne of my dream of one day going to a Michael’s, but never ever believed I actually would, and with each parcel she sent a Michaels bag was always included.……
…….. and I kept them all safe, promising her that one day, if ever I got there, I would stand outside Michaels holding the very first bag she sent me aloft ……. as I did above!
From Michaels, we had a little lunch in a chicken place as recommended by our taxi driver …..and then on to Walmarts …… oh my life …….. so many objects of desire ….. but so little room in my suitcase!
Las Vegas scrapbook 2
And finally, to a 99c Only Store, and another tick on my bucket list! I’ll be honest, by the time we got there, we were totally wiped out, never before have I been sooooooooooo hot, normally I’d have bounded across the retail park from store to store full of excitement and expectation ……
Las Vegas scrapbook
…..but the heat just sapped the strength out of you in a way I never expected. But I have memories that I will remember forever …… it was all so wonderful, I had to pinch myself so many times to actually believe I was there!