Thursday, 22 September 2011

Party Picnic Boxes

Picnic Party Box 1
A friend asked me if I had any ideas for boxes for her Granddaughter's picnic birthday party …. the brief was pink, pink and pink with strawberries, and twenty ….. please!
Box scorer
I used my box scorer that I got from e-bay years ago for about £6 - £7, it might be rough and ready but it does the job. It has two sides, where the distance between the grooves is ever so slightly different, one for the lid and the other for the base.
Picnic Party Box
I made two boxes in different colour ways for a bit of variety. They measured 29cm x 21cm with a depth of 5cm.
Party Picnic Box
The strawberries are made using a large scalloped edged heart punch and the stalk is half a daisy punch, which I have further embellished with a bit of doodling, using a black fine liner pen.
I didn’t make all twenty, just the two examples and then put everything that was needed in a pack so that someone else could have all the fun and satisfaction of putting them all together ….. I ain’t daft!