Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chalkboard Advent Calendar

Gisella Graham Mini Chalkboard
Another idea today using up bits and pieces  I’ve had for a while.  The chalkboard is from Gisela Graham, I bought a job lot of them from e-bay a couple of years ago and have just a couple left, I love them but doubt if I will ever find them again once the last one is used up. It measures 15cm x 9 cm.
Advent Chalkboard
I’ve married the board up with an old wooden Santa that I found at the bottom of a box, some resin snowflakes plus a couple of lengths of East of India ribbon.  The writing is done with a white Posca pen  which is brilliant on chalkboards etc. and the small stars and dots were done with a white gel pen.
Done and dusted!