Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Iris’s Keyrings

I found this keyring set in Asda, I think it only cost £1.49 which was a real  bargain, and although it said “football keyrings” I immediately I had Iris lined up for a festive job.
The pack contained 6 plastic cases, six footballer templates (of which I made several more templates, just in case little one wasn’t happy with anything she’d done), plus six chains and rings to hold keys.
They were a resounding success, with Iris reproducing all the most important people in her life.  I love Granddad Ken, especially his beard, accompanied by Granny Denise above.
I left Iris to it,  she knew exactly what she was doing, and to be honest any “adult interference” from me would just have spoilt the innocence of each creation.
She even managed to captured Auntie Lu Lu’s propensity for a flowery top and glasses perfectly!
And as for Mummy and Daddy, what can I say?  Once everyone was done, they were all carefully wrapped by Iris in tissue paper and put in their own box with a special message (Nanny’s job) and have now been safely squirrelled away for Iris to give at Christmas. I doubt there will be a dry eye in the house, money just can’t buy presents like this.