Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hubble Bubble Halloween Sweetie Bag - Haribo Frogs

WHOOPS!!!!!!  Just noticed that I have spelt “cauldron” wrong !!!!!  I was trying to get the project finished to post in too much of a hurry ………… a perfect excuse to open the pack and feast upon frogs of a jelly nature!!!
Halloween Sweetie.Candy Bag, Hubble Bubble 
I love these jelly frogs but they are not the easiest sweet to work with as they are a tad sticky, but I thought that they were ideal for Halloween and witches spells etc.
Hubble Bubble Halloween Favor
The witch is a 3D sticker from a Poundland pack from last year, but I am sure they will have them in again this year.
Frogs in Halloween Favor Bag