Monday, 31 July 2017

Craft Stick Snowman Tags

I didn’t have a clue what to do with the wooden snowman embellishments, whatever I put them on just looked naff ……. but, before finally consigning them to the charity shop bag, I tried them on a craft stick tag ….. and all of a sudden they came into their own.
IMG_3578I started by making the frames using four mini craft sticks which measure approx. 6.6cm x 1cm. 
IMG_3566I then edged the frame with faux stitching, and  added “Let it Snow” using a black fine liner pen, I applied as little pressure as I could  so that the ink didn’t bleed into the wood too much.
IMG_3568Next came the backgrounds using scraps of white glitter and blue patterned paper and adding a few extra doodled snowflakes using a white gel pen …….
IMG_3569……. these was duly glued on the back of the frame.
Rather than glue the snowman onto the frame, I put two sticky foam pads, one on top of another on the back of the snowman, sticking him onto the background, the foam pads giving a secure bond and bringing him level to the bottom of the frame.
IMG_3574I used two tiny blue 6mm buttons to add a little more colour  and tie the design together.
I drilled a hole in the corner, for a jump ring to tie a length of blue and white butchers twine to either hang on a Christmas tree or attach to a parcel.
And finally, I covered the back of the tag with a scrap of white card edged with black doodles for a sentiment or message. Voila!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Birthday Bunting Matchbox

Some mornings  I wake up and don’t have a clue what I am going to end up making, and then all of a sudden something comes together completely out of the blue like this birthday matchbox.
Birthday Bunting MatchboxIt started by making a line of bunting using a pack of Trimcraft Riverbank Revels Bunting that cost me 50p in a sale.
IMG_3598It was a bit fiddly with my sausage fingers, but well worth it in the end.
IMG_3599I then took a ready made craft matchbox (The Works 50p for 8, also found in a sale) which measures 5cms x 3.5cms, so this is a pretty small project. I covered the outside and the bottom of the box with self adhesive cotton fabric, I couldn’t believe just how easy it went on.
IMG_3600I then glued the end of the bunting under the box bottom, so everything was neatly put away.
IMG_3606On the other end of the bunting I tied a tag, also from The Works, which just finished the bunting off perfectly.
IMG_3605Everything then fitted very neatly into the matchbox.
Birthday Bunting Matchbox aBirthday Matchbox
I was then a bit stuck as to what to put on the box lid, I was thinking perhaps just a bow, but then I had a look at the other tags in the packet and found the “Just for You” one, perfect, it just pulled everything together with the ready made bow.
Birthday MatchboxBefore I had even finished this idea my mind was already racing to other occasions for which I could make these boxes,  the tags also include “Congratulations” and “Thank You”, so that covers quite a few, babies, exams, driving test etc. ………
Birthday Bunting MatchboxI am also thinking of a Christmas Tree decoration, somewhere, I think I have a mini string of Christmas lights …….. now if only I could find them!!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Matchbox Lollipop Favour

This is not my idea, I found it on Pinterest and I thought I just had to have a go.
Lollipop Favour boxesThis first effort was done very quickly, just to see if it would work, hence it is very plain, but it would be so easy to add stripes using tape or sprinkles etc. to make the boxes look more realistic
 IMG_3596lollipop favour boxes.
I used my Sizzix/Stampin Up matchbox die to make the box and simply glued a standard craft/lolly stick, which was in just the right proportion, to the back of the drawer.
IMG_3597So, simple but effective, I am already thinking Halloween!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Shop Shop Shopping in Evesham

Today, an object of desire, a considered purchase and the one that got away ………..
mirrorI just fell in love with this mirror …….. but, had I got a space for it (which I don’t) it was made of, I think, cast iron, so it would have undoubtedly taken down whatever wall I had the urge to hang it on.  At £150 I thought it was a bargain, but on this occasion not for me or my walls.  Please excuse my flip flopped feet, I am desperately trying to break in a pair of Sketchers for my walks back and forth to nursery, after 20 mins I has two blisters, I knew I would, so the flip flops were thankfully packed in my shopping trolley for such an anticipated discomfort! I HATE shoes with a vengeance!
IMG_3718I did however buy a set of six matching pressed glass sundae dishes, something I have been looking for for ages to go with my old fashioned Royal Doulton Minden dinner service for strawberries and cream.  These were perfect  and at just 20p each, it’s sinful really! They had at least another eight, and I am sort of regretting not getting another two for when I have a few extra guests, but hey ho!  And the one that got away?  ……….
IMG_3701…….. this humungous “wooden” bowl, perfect for Decopatching ……. and only £2, but just too huge to keep anywhere in my bijoux flat, I don’t even have any space left under the beds anymore.  I can hear Marc saying now, “ ….. you should have bought that gal, £2?  Oh my god!”   I tell you, it was so big you could have turned it into a coffee table, and I dare say I will one day regret not buying it, if only to store in Marc’s garage at the cottage for us to work on one weekend, again, another hey ho moment!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

An Engagement Card

My nephew has just got engaged, much to the excitement of ALL the family.  They are a very unfussy couple, so I knew a plain congratulations card was probably the way to go. The original idea behind the card isn’t mine, I found it on Pinterest and saved it on my “Inspiration” board thinking it was  an idea that I could adapt at sometime in the future.
Button Engagment CardThe blank measures 5ins x 5ins and was hand cut using a white linen effect card.  I was just not brave enough to draw directly onto the card blank, hence the centre and sentiment panels.
I started with the centre, with two black buttons, knowing that I needed to get the dress and bodies roughly in proportion to them.  I drew arms and legs very lightly in pencil first and then when happy went over them again with a black fine liner pen, rubbing the pencil marks out after.
IMG_2723I mat and layered the centre on silver mirror card, leaving only a very narrow edge, glued it to the card base, and only then did I feel happy enough to add the heads.
IMG_2724The ring was the final touch to the centre using a tiny clear flat backed gem. I then handwrote the sentiment, but decided against mat and layering it on silver, to keep it all very less is more.
Naturally, I have volunteered to help make any wedding paraphernalia when the time comes, if they want me to and to help keep costs down, so no doubt I will now be adding wedding invitations and save the date ideas etc. on my Pinterest Inspiration board in the coming months……….

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Christmas Houses Craft Stick Tree Decoration.

Another craft stick Christmas tree decoration today, as I am on a bit of a roll with them.
craft stick popsicle stick christmas tree decorationThe frame is made from two standard craft sticks and two mini ones, glued together and edged with faux stitching using a black fine liner pen.
IMG_2634I made the background using a scrap of glittery starry sky design paper and a scrap of white glitter paper.
The laser cut wooden houses came from an assorted boxed set that I think I got from e-bay.  I stuck tiny scraps of yellow and red paper on the back of them, so that the windows and doors showed up as yellow and the hearts and flourishes red, a bit of a fiddle fart but I think worth it.
IMG_3560 I then stuck the houses into the frame, the three fit perfectly.
craft stick popsicle stick christmas tree decoration. Christmas houses decorationOn the back I used red cotton thread to hang the frame from, covering the ends by sticking another scrap of card over it, which I then edged again with my ever faithful fine liner pen.
I have to be honest, I am not 100% about the holly, it goes, I know, but isn’t quite to my taste, so I have ordered some 6mm red buttons for the corners (and other projects) to see if they give the more homely, county-fied look I am after.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Craft Stick Christmas Gingerbread Men Tags

Not a lot to these tags made using mini craft sticks frames and self adhesive gingerbread men stickers.
Craft Stick Gingerbread Man Christmas TagsThese tags came about when I was just mooching through my Christmas box of bits and found some small craft stick frames that I had put together but didn’t know what to do with. 
IMG_2633I then found the foam gingerbread men and started to wonder if I could put the two together ………

IMG_3553For me gingerbread men and gingham are a must together and fortunately I had some small scraps of red gingham card that fit perfectly at the back of the frame.  From here, I knew where I was going with the idea, faux stitching using a black fine liner pen all round the frame edges
Christmas Craft Stick Gingerbread Man TagNext came the gingerbread man, followed by two tiny green buttons to sort of balance the design.
I then drilled a small hole in the top corner of the tag, put a jump ring through it and then tied some red butchers twine so that the tags could be attached to a parcel or hung on the Christmas tree.  The back was finished off by edging with a fine liner pen again, so that a greeting can be added when/if needed. Viola!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Foil Embossed Snowman Tags.

I thought I would try out my new White and Gray Big Shot with a little embossing to make this tags.
foil embossed snowman tagsI’ll be honest, I don’t think the pictures do the finished tags justice, I tried from every single angle but to no avail, I couldn’t seem to show the edges and the top to their full advantage.
IMG_3523The foil came from a ginger beer can that I had cut up and flattened.  From one can I could get four embellishments.
I glued the embossed sections onto children’s wooden dominoes using E6000 glue as I needed a strong bond, and don’t think PVA would have been strong enough.  When dry, I drilled a small hole in the corner for a tying thread/wire.
IMG_3526I covered the edges of the dominoes using a narrow self adhesive aluminium tape which really made the tags come together, and look much more professional.
IMG_3529 I then coloured in the nose, arms/hands and eyes with assorted Sharpie pens …….
IMG_3531… and added tiny, clear, flat backed gems to the snowflake part, although, to be honest, I don’t think they add that much, perhaps if I added some white Ranger Enamel Accents instead, it might have had more punch.
IMG_3534I added a wire thread with a red bead for extra colour as a tie and then went round the edges on the back with a black fine liner pen as the final finishing touch.
As I said, I think these tags look much better in the flesh, but could be fine tuned just a little bit more ……. so perhaps it’s a case of watch this space!