Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tom and The Lovely Laura’s Wedding Invites Almost Finished ….

001Well….. “The Wednesday/Thursday Tom and Laura Crafty Wedding Club” set up chez nous, to make the wedding paraphernalia for Tom and the Lovely Laura’s wedding has finally finished their first project ……
rainbow wedding…. to wit … 50 invitations in two basic designs, but each one is slightly different, because the make up of colours used for the flowers was left entirely to Denise, Sarah, Daisy, Emily, Lucy and me …… and are so Lovely Laura.
rainbow wedding.After our last session they were left drying all over the room, with just the ribbons to trim, as you can see from these pictures.
wedding invites..We were all so chuffed with ourselves ….. and spent ages just gazing at all the different combinations.
wedding invitesI don’t really think I made putting the heart/printed part of the invitations together easy for myself ….. because I know that, if I had the patience, I could have set up the print and cut facility up on my Silhouette to do it, but I have only done that once …. and it took me two days to get right and in the process almost sent me stark staring mad!!!!
Rainbow heart wedding invititationSo …. first I created sheets of invitation “toppers” in Publisher …..
Wedding Invitaions Handmade……  in three colours, pink, purple and turquoise to match the ribbons, in Papyrus font size 16.5.
Handmade Wedding Invitations.And then …. the Heath Robinson bit ….. I held a plastic heart template behind the card to centre the text, and then, trying not to move the template, drew round it, again on the back of the card …….. I know, I know …… talk about long winded!

Handmade wedding invitationsThe hearts were then duly cut out ….

Untitled.... then mat and layered on white linen and mirror card.
There is one more fiddlefart finishing touch to go ….  of which I will show you tomorrow.